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PROJECT 1 - Mobile Laptop Cart with Laptops (Completed)

The Eagles Nest Fund is raising money to purchase laptop carts with 25 laptops so that they can be moved between classrooms. Our initial goal is to raise enough money for one cart but we would love to be able to provide each grade with at least one cart with laptops.


Mobile Cart - $900

Laptops - $402 per laptop


With the support of families and community, we purchased 25 laptops and a mobile cart have been donated to the school as of May 2020.

15 laptops and cart donated 9/18/19
10 laptops donated 5/5/20

PROJECT 2 -  Courtyard


The school's courtyard facing Minorca Avenue is used by the kindergarten and first-graders during their weekly art classes, dismissal, tutoring and other activities. The courtyard lost some trees and the paved walkway is in need of a facelift. We are looking to add some new plants, mulch and design and repair the area and give it a fresh new look.

PROJECT COST - $10,000


We are refreshing the courtyard in phases.

  • We installed engraved bricks on part of the walkway and were able to level and repair broken pavers in one section.

  • This summer we received donations for landscaping material (mulch and borders) from Home Depot, Coral Gables Bar Association, Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce, GradePower Learning and Mr. Mark Trowbridge.

Pavers repaired July 23, 2019
Mulch donated August 9, 2019

PROJECT 3 - A/V Equipment (Completed)

This historic auditorium is in need of some new A/V equipment such as a new screen and some speakers so that the students can hear themselves on stage as well as improve the audio for the audience as well.

PROJECTED COST - $4,500 - $7,500

4 Speakers, Stands, Microphone and Cables  - $1500

Electric Projection Screen - $3,000 - $6,000

Lighting (spot lights) for the stage -

Audio Equipment Donated February 5, 2019
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