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The Eagles Nest Fund is a non-profit support organization to Coral Gables Preparatory Academy (a.k.a.Gables Elementary). Established in the fall of 2018 by a group of involved parents, the mission of the fund is to work with the school administration to help identify and financially support the school in the areas of academic, beautification and other improvements that are not funded by state, federal or any other parent organization.

The Eagles Nest Fund works to encourage individual and business community support via:

  • Donations

  • Involvement

  • Advocacy

*The Eagles Nest Fund is a fund under the fiscal partnership with the Coral Gables Community Foundation.


  • Sandy Cho Dimitris, President

  • Kayla Riera-Gomez, Vice-President

  • Miguel Vias, Treasurer

  • Cecilia Slesnick, Secretary

  • Tiffany Betancourt

  • Luciana Gonzalez

  • Diggliana Provenzali, Chair Gala Committee

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