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You can support the school by meeting with your elected commissioners (Kevin Cabrera - County Commissioner, Gables Commissioners: Jim Cason, Rhonda Anderson, Kirk Menendez, Mike Mena, and Mayor Vince Lago) school board member (Mari Tere-Rojas) to help bring student needs to their attention.


Boys at School

We welcome donations of any amount. You can specify a project or just make a general donation that will be used across the three projects.

You can also make in-kind donations. All in-kind donations will have to be approved prior to acceptance by the school.

All donations are tax deductible.


The Fund welcomes any one or business to help with fundraising, identifying school and student needs as well as services.

Please contact us via email or talk to one board members if you see us around school or in the neighborhood about how you can help.

Outdoor Family Day



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